Magnesium deficiency and other associated conditions could be at the root of your hair loss or graying, although changes in hair can be triggered by a vast spectrum of causes. We can’t say that magnesium will make you Rapunzel overnight, but it could benefit your hair over time and promote healthy hair growth.

The leading cause of hair loss is stress, and magnesium is key in regulating the body’s stressful response. The anti-stress effect of magnesium could be a preventative measure if you’re worried that stress-related hair loss could be a problem in the future.

If you’re simply looking for supplements that can strengthen your hair to add to your beauty regimen, magnesium is important for promoting follicle hair growth, which leads to healthy hair growth.

Philosophies on the best way to reap the beauty benefits of magnesium differ. If you are comfortable with applying a topical form of magnesium directly to your scalp, then that is an option. I would recommend a spray or liquid so that it’s easy to rub into your hair and scalp, and can be washed out in your next bath or shower. Make sure to wait at least 20 minutes for your body to fully absorb it!

Credits for this - thank you Natural Calm Canada