Because of its involvement in protein synthesis, a process essential to nail growth, it’s no surprise that magnesium helps create beautiful and strong nail plates.

Sufficient mineral, vitamin, and nutrient intake is necessary to support the nail beds in growing nail tissue. Because of that, we know that changes in the appearance, shape, or texture of nails could be the result of deficiencies in certain vitamins or nutrients.

Vertical ridges on nails are a common complaint, and in some cases may be caused simply by age. However, some suggest that a magnesium or other nutrient deficiency could be the source of these ridges. Sometimes called longitudinal striations or bands, they are much more common in the older population, likely due to the slowed production of cells that comes with age. If these ridges begin to bother you, consult your doctor for more personalized information.

Whether or not you struggle with nail ridges, magnesium is a good choice both as a preventative measure and as a potential treatment. Its contribution to the cellular processes that form nails is valuable and shouldn’t be overlooked.

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