Topical magnesium may have almost as many benefits for your skin as the mineral has for the rest of your body!

Magnesium creams and gels are used by dermatologists to soothe sensitive skin, as well as to minimize acne and other skin complaints by regulating hormone levels, reducing cortisol levels, and generally boosting cellular processes.

When your body is running low on magnesium, other key substances may also decrease. Namely, the collagen and fatty acids that keep your skin moisturized, energized, and happy. This drop in important components to clear, healthy skin could result in more dryness, wrinkling and uneven skin tone.

Magnesium also helps to protect your skin though its role in cell repair and regeneration, strengthening the skin against acne and other outside attackers, and shortening recovery time after it has been externally damaged.

Those who struggle with acne know that topical products can be risky and sometimes aggravate acne, making it worse rather than improving it. Because hormonal imbalances are often at the root of acne, magnesium can help by stabilizing hormones and lowering cortisol in the body. It also naturally smoothes and exerts an anti-aging effect on skin.

If what your skin needs is a magnesium boost, then we encourage you to try one of our topical products! Remember to avoid eyes, mouth and the inside of your nose when applying to avoid irritation.

Credit for this blog - Thank you Natural Calm