Discover the Power of Holistic Healing Practices

There are many avenues of holistic healing. Each practice offers unique benefits for various mental and physical afflictions. When you get in touch with us about holistic healing therapies, we will take the time to get to know you and gain an understanding of the type of healing you seek. Then, we'll make a recommendation for the best service for your needs.

Read on to discover the services offered at our holistic healing spa.


Our Holistic Healing Centre

Meditation for Adults

As human beings, it is our natural inclination to think and ponder twenty-four hours a day. Our minds are in constant use, even when we are sleeping and dreaming. The ancient practice of meditation focuses on quieting these thoughts and resting the mind and can be used to battle mental challenges, such as depression and anxiety

Our holistic healing spa is happy to provide meditation courses that can help individuals achieve mental balance, calmness, and physical relaxation.

Child & Teen Mindfulness

Meditation helps us to teach children how to relax, focus and filter information with mindfulness, helping to counteract the effects of the stress response.

Children learn to make more mindful decisions rather than reactive responses when faced with life challenges; learning to self-regulate and develop emotional intelligence (ie: when you are not stressed by negative emotions, you can control what information makes it into your brain). Meditation helps to calm our mind, our emotions and our body. It teaches us how to keep stress levels in a more balanced state, and enhances our ability to learn.

Although meditation isn’t a cure, it has the potential to positively!


Reiki is another ancient practice. Sometimes referred to as energy healing, reiki is used to promote mental and physical relaxation. Reiki practitioners will use their hands to channel positive energy into the body's affected areas. The benefits of reiki are often felt immediately.

In recent years, reiki practices have seen a surge in popularity all over the world. Our practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and experience and provide some of the best reiki services in the area.

Salt Cave

A salt cave is a dimly lit room, the walls are lined with salt rocks, and loose salt particles cover the floor. Patrons will sit in the salt cave to reap the many benefits of salt's healing qualities.

Salt healing or halotherapy is used to treat respiratory conditions, including bronchitis, asthma, and common colds. Salt has drying effects and anti-inflammatory properties. When inhaled, salt particles in the air will enter the respiratory tract, killing germs and bacteria and leaving clients feeling refreshed and renewed.

We are proud to be home to a beautiful salt cave that is used by many of our clients to achieve natural physical health. Join us at our state of the art Himalayan Healing Salt Cave.

Natural Health Consultation

Our Nutritional Health Team are here to educate and encourage natural healing including Nutritional Rebalancing, Detoxification, Herbology, Reflexology, All Natural Weight Management, and other natural healing modalities. Our NH Team consists of onsite professionals; Iridologist, Natural Health Consultant and Herbalist offering comprehensive methods for natural healing & wellness.

At your visit a Full Health Analysis is done to provide clarity on all relating conditions eliminating the guesswork which enables us to design the right holistic program solution for each individual.

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Scorpio's Peace & Polish's Himalayan Healing Salt Cave & Spa is proud to be your one-stop-shop for superior spa services including comprehensive holistic healing in the local area. Our specialists work hard to promote a culture based on achieving optimal growth and wellness.

We continue to add amazing new services and healing options to serve our community better.

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