Body Treatment Scrubs & Wraps

At Himalayan Healing Salt Cave & Spa we are extremely proud of our body treatments. This flagship offering has been a big hit with customers since we first offered it and we are pleased to say that its demand has increased. We treat a body treatment as a facial for your body. While many of us focus on the superficial and visible layers, at our Spa we are true believers in full body spa care. This means that there is no point having your face looking perfect if you are self-conscious about how your back looks or if the skin on your arms feels dull. When you invest in a spa body treatment at Himalayan Healing Salt Cave & Spa you can be assured complete hydration and rejuvenation.


Eco-friendly Body Exfoliation

What makes our body wash so popular is its simplicity. All of the exfoliating products that we use in our full-body scrub are organic, eco-friendly materials that are locally sourced. From there, the skill and expertise of our spa therapists take over. The massaging of the exfoliating mixture can, at first, appear quite vigorous. However, this is to ensure that the exfoliation process is as effective as possible. Rest assured, following the rinsing process you will see the benefits of our in-depth exfoliating process as your skin will reveal a highly moisturized layer of fresh and radiant skin.

What To Expect For A Body Treatment

No two people are the same so by the same token, no two body scrubs are the same. At Himalayan Healing Salt Cave & Spa we are aware of the individual nature of all of our clients and customers and that is why we tailor our scrub to meet your respective needs. That being said, a number of the features of the body scrub that is common throughout.

Firstly, all of our body scrubs take place in our custom built wet room. This wet room allows our spa therapists to provide the most optimal scrub possible. Our clients are required to bring their own swimwear. From there you will be asked to lay face-down where our therapist will apply the exfoliating mixture. The scrub continues with our specially trained spa therapists massaging the exfoliating mixture onto your back, legs and arms before being asked to turn over and continuing the process on your front.

Once the massage is complete, our therapist will rinse you off with a hand held shower or sponge bath. In addition to exfoliation, a hydrating body gel and/ or mud mask is applied, and your body is wrapped in a warm blanket to rest, condition and hydrate. Finally, the process is completed with the application of our body lotion that will ensure the scrub is as long-lasting and enriching as possible.