bamboo massage

Bamboo Massage Therapy

Bamboo was considered a powerful healing tool in ancient China, Japan, and Indonesia. In these cultures, it often symbolizes life, energy, prosperity, longevity, and fertility. While we’ve likely purchased bamboo products in one of its versatile forms, today it’s making a comeback as a bodywork tool due to its hard, flexible, and lightweight construction.

When used for body massage, several hollow and full bamboo sticks of various lengths are used during the massage; generally the longer, thicker sticks are used for gliding and rolling movements along larger muscles (like the back and thighs), whereas the shorter, thinner sticks are used to roll out muscle tension, knots, and trigger points. For practitioners, using bamboo sticks can ease occupational pain in the hands and wrists from repeated deep tissue work. Using the bamboo as a tool can give more strength and stamina for deeper pressure.

bamboo massage

Similar to a hot stone and hot salt rock massage, we intensify the massage by heating the bamboo tools . This concept being heat will penetrate deeply into tissue and muscle layers. The warmth alone can relax cold, tense muscles, essentially helping the massage to become more effective.

Those who’ve experienced a bamboo massage compare it to a deep-tissue massage, especially when the bamboo sticks are used to replicate the strokes used in Swedish massage. The combined warmth from the heated bamboo sticks along with rolling movements stimulates circulation in the body, increasing blood flow, which essentially helps the body flush toxins. Similarly, lymphatic fluid circulation is also enhanced, resulting in improved bodily functions, lower blood pressure, and the removal of metabolic waste from internal organs and muscles.

Bamboo is a natural antioxidant, and its extract contains silica, which assists your body in absorbing calcium, potassium, magnesium and other essential minerals that give your skin a healthy glow. Perfect in our Salt Room & Salt Cavve environments. While your body won’t be directly be getting the benefits of silica during a massage treatment, you may see an alleviation of psoriasis and eczema because of bamboo’s anti-irritant properties.

Like any form of massage, there are numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits of hot bamboo massage, including

Reactivating and stimulating blood circulation

  • Migraine relief
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Managing respiratory ailments
  • Alleviating arthritic pain
  • Increasing joint and muscle flexibility
  • Stimulating cellular activity to repair and nourish the skin
  • Assists in removing lactic acid to reduce pain