Meditation for Adults

As human beings, it is our natural inclination to think and ponder twenty-four hours a day. Our minds are in constant use, even when we are sleeping and dreaming. The ancient practice of meditation focuses on quieting these thoughts and resting the mind and can be used to battle mental challenges, such as depression and anxiety

Our holistic healing spa is happy to provide meditation courses that can help individuals achieve mental balance, calmness, and physical relaxation.


Child & Teen Mindfulness

Meditation helps us to teach children how to relax, focus and filter information with mindfulness, helping to counteract the effects of the stress response.

Children learn to make more mindful decisions rather than reactive responses when faced with life challenges; learning to self-regulate and develop emotional intelligence (ie: when you are not stressed by negative emotions, you can control what information makes it into your brain). Meditation helps to calm our mind, our emotions and our body. It teaches us how to keep stress levels in a more balanced state, and enhances our ability to learn.

Although meditation isn’t a cure, it has the potential to positively!