Spider veins on the face are often the result of tiny blood vessels bursting. Increased pressure like sneezing or sun damage can cause this to occur. Thermocoagulation utilizes the High Frequency Current to discharge pin point heat energy to treat skin imperfections and collapse the spider veins upon contact. The energy created by the high frequency current produces a thermal lesion and the immediate disappearance of the imperfection or vein while preserving the epidermis. All that may remain is a tiny circular red mark that disappears within hours post treatment to leave a micro-crust which itself disappears usually in a matter of days. The treatment is extremely safe and unlike other treatments does not pose risks of heat blisters or scarring.


Skin Tag Removal

Thermocoagulation is a safe, comfortable non-surgical cosmetic procedure using a tiny pinpoint probe, gently applied to the skin treats various types of benign lesions. This treatment is not a laser but uses high-frequency energy so only a slight heat prickly sensation is felt. Whereas lasers are attracted to color contrast in the skin, thermocoagulation is attracted to the water on the surface layer of the epidermal tissue. The pinpoint probe precisely targets the lesion leaving the surrounding skin untouched. The treated lesion dehydrates and crusts immediately during treatment then exfoliates and sloughs off during the healing process, approximately 7 to 10 days. Safe for delicate areas around the eyes, thermocoagulation effectively treats lesions on the scalp without destroying any hair or inhibiting hair growth.

Ruby Red Points Removal

Ruby Points consist of a concentration of dilated capillaries that can be flat or slightly raised. They resemble red dots and are very commonly found on the face and torso. mall ruby points can be removed using thermocoagulation in one session. Upon treatment the red dots will dry and disappear. Large ruby points may take a couple of follow up sessions to be removed. Upon treatment, they will scab until the skin heals.